Kanbis, hard working agriculturalists fled from Punjab, India, where they were known as Kurmis, following attacks by outside forces such as moguls and came to settle in Gujarat and Kutch. Some of the surnames are derived from the places they initially settled in Gujarat. They eventually moved to Kutch and settled in villages already there. Kanbis of Godpar moved to Godpar from other Kanbi villages in early 19th Century.

Maya Bapa, whose descendents are Dhanji and Shamji Bhimji Wagjiani's families, was first to come to Godpar from nearby Meghpar. Kerai family's Lalji Bapa whose descendants are Khimji and Keshra Ramji and Kanji Dhanji Dungar's families came from West Sukhpar (Roha). Amba Bapa of Kerai Family whose descendants are Mavji, Premji and Ananda Arnba's families and Hirani's Karsan Bapa (descendants Lalji, Parbat and Nanji Murji's families) came to Godpar from Meghpar. Halai (Pethani)'s Raghu Bapa whose descendants are Kurji and Ramji Dhanji's families and Halai (Limbani)'s Parbat Bapa whose descendants are Karsan, Khimji, Ananda and Ravji Ruda's families, both came from Dahisra. Kara families also migrated from Dahisra. Kabaria family's Hira Bapa, whose families are Ramji and Arjan Ravji's families and Kurji and Ruda Vasta came from Kera and so has Mepani family. Bhudia family's Valji Bapa (Mavji, Shamji and Arjan Gangdas's descendants) and Hirani family's Karsan Bapa (descendants Punja Kunverji's familes) both came here from Madhapar. Devraj Bapa of Wagjiani's family whose descendants are Murji Manji's families and Premji Bapa's families originally came from Tapar and temporarily moved to Mandvi and came back to Godpar. Pindoria and Rabadia families have come to Godpar as dependents of their families and settled.

Although Kanbis are traditionally farmers and farming was the only work done by Kanbis some 3 generations back economic situation caused by failing rains and growing population forced them to go overseas, initially Africa, then Europe and in 1970s to Middle East countries to earn a decent living. All the hard work carried out by our forefathers and their wise investment in our education has made it possible for our community members to carry out wide spectrum of occupations. Construction, engineering, pharmacy, retail, surveying, law and travel are some of the variety of fields our members have successfully taken up.

Although approximately half the Godpar Kanbi Community members are permanently settled in Europe, Africa and Australia, they still have deep rooted feelings for the Gaam and help in improving the Gaam by taking active interest and proving funds. They also hold functions in their countries of residence to maintain contact with each other. Lastly, it should be noted that considering the small size of the village, Godpar members both at home and abroad, take a proactive role in community organisations and events, both within the Samaj and the Mandirs. Members of Godpar are at the forefront in helping to make improvements in the village for future generations and take very active part, both physically and financially, in all the organisations such as education, environment, health, Samaj, Mandirs etc wherever they reside, in India, Africa, UK or anywhere else in the world. Our ancestors have enshrined this caring sense of duty and community spirit in the present generations.